Jun 23, 2012

Moore's Law is "dead"

Exhibit A, My 11″ MacBook Air (Late 2010) benchmark rating :   Exhibit B, My 11″ MacBook Air (Mid 2012) benchmark rating :  

Jun 18, 2012

Spring 2012 books

  For the New Intellectual: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand (50th Anniversary Edition) – Ayn Rand This is Ayn Rand’s challenge to the prevalent philosophical doctrines of our time and the

Jun 10, 2012

Computers for Cynics

Ted Nelson‘s latest video series called “Computers for Cynics” calls it like it is. How refreshing in contrast with the pervasive garbage called ‘information’ that we get

Jun 7, 2012

Cognitive Robotics And Artificial Intelligence

Eccerobot At the swissnex San Francisco conference earlier this year, scientists from Switzerland and the US discussed their research on humanoid robots, cognitive robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Talk revolved around how some

Jun 4, 2012


Chronicle has to be the best sci-fi movie I’ve seen in 2012. Shot in Cape Town, South Africa on a budget of just $15 million. The end result

May 31, 2012

Experimental change

So I’ve switched this blog to WP for now. There are still some formatting issues here and there so please be patient while they are fixed. Comments have been enabled for

Apr 2, 2012

Welcome to John McCarthy's new website.

From the website: John was a legendary computer scientist at Stanford University who developed time-sharing, invented LISP, and founded the field of Artificial Intelligence.* In March 2011 John launched Project JMC with the

Apr 2, 2012

Quick Sort in Shen

A Shen type-checked implementation of Quick Sort is even more elegant/terse compared with the CL version posted previously. Pattern-matching and currying make this possible. (tc +) (define filter {(A --> boolean) --&

Mar 30, 2012

Quick Sort in Common Lisp

After watching some of Tim Roughgarden’s videos on sorting algorithms, I thought I’d post an implementation of quick sort in Common Lisp as an example of a sorting algorithm

Mar 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day in Shen

Here’s a port of the previous Qi II code to Shen. Run with Hakan Raberg’s 0.1.4 version of shen.clj (Shen implemented in Clojure !). * Accurately calculates N

Feb 25, 2012

Robot readable world

How do robots see the world? How do they gather meaning from our streets, cities, media and from us? This is an experiment in found machine-vision footage, exploring the aesthetics of the robot