A Language Analogy for the Decade

Ron Garret puts it’s perfectly :
“Whatever problems I may have, an unwillingness to learn new things is not one of them. I love to learn new things. That’s one of the reasons I hate Java, because learning Java didn’t teach me anything except how truly brain-damaged a language can be. (I’ve never learned Perl, but I’ve never learned how to run the deep fryer at a McDonalds either. I like learning new things, but life is short and there are some things I’m content not to know.)”

The analogy fits well. Brain-damaged languages and fast food actually do have a lot in common.
Both will lead to a significant drop in personal intelligence and productivity.
Some things really are better not learned or known just as some things are better not swallowed.
But for those that would disagree, please, feel free to do whatever you like …

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