Pong! (In Clojure)

* UPDATED : 2009-09-17 * – rewritten in a functional style that is more idiomatic of Clojure.

A nostalgic attempt to try and learn some GUI programming in Clojure. Inspired by Pong in Haskell.
Play online here.
The computer seems unbeatable(but it’s not thanks to a bug as things get faster).
Have fun !
< 200 lines of code :

;;;; Pong!
;;;; Justin Grant
;;;; 2009/09/12
(ns i27.games.pong
  (:import (java.awt Color Toolkit Font GraphicsEnvironment Graphics2D)
           (java.awt.image BufferStrategy)
           (java.awt.event ActionListener MouseMotionListener KeyListener
                           MouseEvent KeyEvent)
           (javax.swing JFrame Timer)))
(defstruct ball :h :w :x :y :sx :sy)
(defn new-ball [& [h w x y sx sy]] (atom (struct ball h w x y sx sy)))
(defn set-ball-size [b h w] (swap! b assoc :h h :w w))
(defn set-ball-speed [b sx sy] (swap! b assoc :sx sx :sy sy))
(defn set-ball-position [b x y] (swap! b assoc :x x :y y))
(defstruct paddle :h :w :x :y)
(defn new-paddle [& [h w x y]] (atom (struct paddle h w x y)))
(defn set-paddle-size [p h w] (swap! p assoc :h h :w w))
(defn set-paddle-position [p x y] (swap! p assoc :x x :y y))
(defstruct game :h :w :timer :score :started :my)
(defn new-game [& [h w timer score started my]]
  (atom (struct game h w timer score started my)))
(defn set-game-size [g h w] (swap! g assoc :h h :w w))
(defn set-game-timer [g t] (swap! g assoc :timer t))
(defn set-game-score [g s] (swap! g assoc :score s))
(defn set-game-mouse-y [g my] (swap! g assoc :my my))
(defn stop-game [g]
  (swap! g assoc :started false) (let [#^Timer t (@g :timer)] (.stop t)))
(defn start-game [g]
  (swap! g assoc :started true) (let [#^Timer t (@g :timer)] (.start t)))
(defn reset-game [g b p c]
  (set-ball-size b (* (@g :h) 0.0335) (* (@g :h) 0.0335))
  (set-ball-position b
                     (- (/ (@g :w) 2) (/ (@b :w) 2))
                     (- (/ (@g :h) 2) (/ (@b :h) 2)))
  (set-ball-speed b 15 15)
  (set-paddle-size p (* (@b :h) 5) (@b :w))
  (set-paddle-position p 35 (- (/ (@g :h) 2) (/ (@p :h) 2)))
  (set-paddle-size c (@p :h) (@p :w))
  (set-paddle-position c (- (@g :w) (@p :x) (@p :w)) (@p :y))
  (set-game-score g 0))
(defn pong-frame [g b p c f1 f2]
  (proxy [JFrame ActionListener MouseMotionListener KeyListener] []
    (paint [grf]
           (let [#^JFrame me this
                 #^BufferStrategy bs (.getBufferStrategy me)
                 #^Graphics2D gr (if (not= nil bs) (. bs getDrawGraphics) nil)]
             (if (not= nil gr)
                 (.setColor gr Color/BLACK)
                 (.fillRect gr 0 0 (@g :w) (@g :h))
                 (.setColor gr Color/WHITE)
                 (.setFont gr f1)
                 (.drawString gr (str "SCORE " (@g :score)) 20 20)
                 (.fillRect gr (@p :x) (@p :y) (@p :w) (@p :h))
                 (.fillRect gr (@c :x) (@c :y) (@c :w) (@c :h))
                 (if (@g :started)
                   (.fillRect gr (@b :x) (@b :y) (@b :w) (@b :h))
                     (.setFont gr f2)
                     (.drawString gr "PONG!"
                                  (- (/ (@g :w) 2) 46) (- (/ (@g :h) 2) 16))
                     (.setFont gr f1)
                     (.drawString gr "PRESS 'S' TO START, 'Q' TO QUIT"
                                  (- (/ (@g :w) 2) 200) (+ (/ (@g :h) 2) 30))))
                 (. gr dispose)
                 (. bs show)))))
    (mouseMoved [#^MouseEvent e]
                (set-game-mouse-y g (.getY e))
                (if (> (+ (@g :my) (/ (@p :h) 2)) (@g :h))
                  (set-game-mouse-y g (- (@g :h) (/ (@p :h) 2))))
                (if (< (@g :my) (/ (@p :h) 2))
                  (set-game-mouse-y g (/ (@p :h) 2)))
                (set-paddle-position p (@p :x) (- (@g :my) (/ (@p :h) 2)))
                (let [#^JFrame me this] (.repaint me)))
    (mouseDragged [e])
    (keyPressed [#^KeyEvent e]
                (when (and (not (@g :started)) (= (. e getKeyChar) s))
                  (reset-game g b p c) (start-game g))
                (when (= (. e getKeyChar) q) (System/exit 0)))
    (keyReleased [e])
    (keyTyped [e])
    (actionPerformed [e]
                     ;; update ball position
                      b (+ (@b :x) (@b :sx)) (+ (@b :y) (@b :sy)))
                     ;; update ball y direction
                     (when (or (= (+ (@b :y) (@b :h)) (@g :h)))
                       (set-ball-speed b (@b :sx) (* -1 (@b :sy))))
                     ;; check if player returns ball
                     (when (and (= (+ (@b :y) (@b :h)) (@p :y))
                                ( (@b :x) (@p :x)))
                       (set-ball-speed b (* -1 (@b :sx)) (@b :sy))
                       (set-game-score g (inc (@g :score)))
                       (set-ball-speed b (+ 1 (@b :sx)) (@b :sy))) ; game gets faster
                     ;; check when computer returns ball
                     (when (and (>= (+ (@b :x) (@b :w)) (@c :x))
                                (>= (+ (@b :y) (@b :h)) (@c :y))
                                ( (+ (@c :y) (/ (@p :h) 2)) (/ (@g :h) 2))
                            c (@c :x) (- (@c :y) (* -1 (@b :sx))))
                            c (@c :x) (+ (@c :y) (* -1 (@b :sx))))))
                       (if ( (+ (@c :y) (@p :h)) (@g :h))
                       (set-paddle-position c (@c :x) (- (@g :h) (@p :h))))
                     ;; check game over
                     (when (or (< (+ (@b :x) (@b :w)) 0)
                               (> (+ (@b :x) (@b :w)) (@g :w)))
                       (set-paddle-position p (@p :x)
                                            (- (/ (@g :h) 2) (/ (@p :h) 2)))
                       (stop-game g))
                     (let [#^JFrame me this]
                       (.repaint me)))))
(defn -main []
  (let [tk (. Toolkit getDefaultToolkit)
        ge (GraphicsEnvironment/getLocalGraphicsEnvironment)
        gd (. ge getDefaultScreenDevice)
        thegame (new-game (.. tk getScreenSize height)
                          (.. tk getScreenSize width))
        theball (new-ball)
        theplayer (new-paddle)
        thecomputer (new-paddle)
        #^JFrame screen (pong-frame
                         thegame theball theplayer thecomputer
                         (Font. "Courier New" Font/BOLD 24)
                         (Font. "Courier New" Font/BOLD 44))]
    (set-game-timer thegame (Timer. 20 screen))
    (if (not (. screen isDisplayable)) (. screen setUndecorated true))
    (.setVisible screen true)
    (. (.getContentPane screen) setBackground Color/BLACK)
    (. (.getContentPane screen) setIgnoreRepaint true)
    (doto screen
      (.setResizable false)
      (.setBackground Color/BLACK) (.setIgnoreRepaint true)
      (.addMouseMotionListener screen) (.addKeyListener screen))
    (. gd setFullScreenWindow screen)
    (. screen createBufferStrategy 2)
    (reset-game thegame theball theplayer thecomputer)))