Everyday Ada : Simple REST Service

Ada (previously) is a time-tested, safe, secure programming software-engineering language with a 40-year record of success in mission-critical applications such as…

  • Air Traffic Management Systems
  • Desktop and Web Applications
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Banking and Financial Systems
  • Railway Transportation
  • Information Systems
  • Commercial Rockets
  • Commercial Shipboard Control Systems
  • Commercial Imaging Space Vehicles
  • Television/Entertainment Industry
  • Communication and Navigational Satellites and Receivers
  • Medical Industry
  • Data Communications
  • General Industry
  • Scientific Space Vehicles
  • Military Applications

How good is Ada though for something that most programmers might work on in their day to day ? Something like building a REST service ?
Well here’s the hello-world of a REST service in Ada.

Ada “Hello World!” REST service.

If you’ve never seen Ada code before but you have built a web-service before, it’s fairly easy to make sense of this code. Now let’s look at the performance of this code on a mid-range desktop with an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X.

Benchmark results for Ada “Hello World!” REST service.

Having built a few global-scale distributed systems in various languages at Amazon and AWS, getting this kind of performance and stability (9000 tps with 300 concurrent clients @ 99.9% success rate) on a single-machine so easily without having to sacrifice safety and security is rare. Even with such a simple example.


The name “Ada” is not an acronym; it was chosen in honor of Augusta Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), a mathematician who is sometimes regarded as the world’s first programmer because of her work with Charles Babbage. She was also the daughter of the poet Lord Byron.